How to change Password of JioFiber Router

As you know, Reliance is going to launch Jio Giga Fiber services commercially on 5th September 2019. After getting huge success in Jio mobile operations now, Reliance Jio is ready to shake the Fiber to the Home Broadband segment in India. On 12th April 2019 in Reliance Jio AGM, it is said that plans will cost from Rs 700 to Rs 10,000 per month with Jio Phone and Jio Setup Box TV connection. Today, in this article, we will guide you to change the password of JioFiber Router.

There are two types of JioFiber routers. One which works on 2.5 GHz frequency and will cost you Rs. 2500. There is another one which works on both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and cost you Rs. 5000. However, both the routers are having the same default settings.

Jiofiber Router Default Login Details

IP Address:
Username  : admin 
Password  : Jiocentrum

There are two methods with which you can change the password of Reliance JioFiber Router. First one is using Jio App and another is Jio’s Official website

Steps to Change Password of JioFiber Router using Jio App

  1. Open MyJio App and Login into your JioFiber account by entering your register mobile number/service ID and OTP.
    jio fiber login app
  2. Tap on my devices and you will see the details of your JioFiber router along with the list of devices connected to it.
    jiofiber router settings
  3. To make any change in the settings of JioFiber Giga router, make sure the router is ON.
  4. After that tap on the Settings button on the top and select the WiFi name of which you want to change password.
  5. Tap on the pencil icon and then make the required changes in the WiFi Name(SSID).
  6. Tap on the change password, which is located below the WiFi name.
    jiofiber router change password

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Steps to change JioFiber router using

  1. Open the and login into your Jio account from the menu bar.
  2. After Signing in you will get various options like Mobile, JioFi, GigaFiber, and JioLink. You have to select GigaFiber and enter a registered mobile number or service ID.
  3. Generate OTP and enter in the input field to log in to your account.
  4. Now click onto the settings icon and then select My devices.
  5. In this section, you will see all the devices connected to a router and all the other details of routers.
  6. Click on the WiFi name(SSID) to change it. Then to change password click on it and save a new one.

Once you change your JioFiber SSID and password. You have to enter the login details again with the latest name and password to connect to JioFiber router. If you ave any problem in following the methods to change SSID and password of JioFiber router. Ask us via comments below we will try to give a solution to your problem.